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Next Stop Darjeeling – Windamere Hotel

Darjeeling Tea Trail The history of Darjeeling is as interesting as the place itself. Darjeeling which is the combination of two words dorje’ meaning thunderbolt and “Ling” meaning place (therefore, the land of thunderbolt) was part of the Old Sikkim Kingdom. During the early 18th century Sikkim and Nepal were continuously fighting each other and during one such battles the […]
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Must Visit 6 Tea Factories in Darjeeling & Kurseong

Darjeeling – The land of Exquisite Tea and Mesmerising Tea Trails Darjeeling tea is called the Champagne of tea for, perhaps many a reasons. It is considered one of the most premium and sought after tea among the tea connoisseurs around the globe. Most royal families of Europe wake up every day to a cup of Darjeeling tea. Darjeeling has 4 […]
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