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Coronavirus & Tea

Can drinking tea help you to fight Corona Virus? The simple answer is “No.” However, there is a complex answer as well 🙂 But before we proceed, let’s just take a moment to understand Corona Virus and how it works. “Corona Virus (Cov) infect variety of organs including the liver, respiratory and enteric tracts and the central nervous system. The […]
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Temi – Tea, Cherry Tree Festival and Tea Travel: Concluding Part

Read Part 1 of the story here: https://teawithsusmita.com/2020/01/10/temi-tea-cherry-tree-festival-and-tea-travel-part-1/ Before we got down to the venue ground which was a large clearing in the middle of the tea garden, we got out of the car and sat at the entry point which was at a higher level from the venue ground – to soak into the pristine nature all around us. […]
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