Tea as a Profitable Source of Revenue for Hotels & Restaurants

Tea in Hospitality

Tea has always been an art and a way of life in the east. However, in the west it is nothing more than a commodity since its introduction there, albeit a few exceptions.

But, ideas and respect for tea are shifting rapidly now as people are becoming more interested in the finer aspects of tea. There are now many tea professionals, enthusiasts and consumers who are interested about their tea and its origins thereby differentiating and appreciating what constitutes a good tea and a not so good one.

This is where hotels and restaurants have a huge and latent opportunity lying untapped. Tea has the potential to not just be a great revenue generator for them, it can be a great product differentiator as well.

The simplest way to do this is to create a better experience for the guests by serving higher-quality tea. A good quality tea or a fine tea, as they are called, for example, would not come in stapled and paper tea bags.

It would even be a better idea to design a fully curated tea program making tea the centre-piece of the entire experience. Not only will guests enjoy the unique pleasures of teatime, but also, tea service can become a lucrative business – a Win-Win.

It’s usually a slow time at hotels and restaurants between 2 pm and 5 pm.  This is also the perfect time for the Afternoon Tea. The restaurant / hotel can serve a selection of fine teas along with a miniaturized version of their usual dishes and save time, effort and money from developing a new menu for the activity. If a daily afternoon tea service sounds too much of an effort, perhaps it could start with it as a one time or monthly popup event or offer it only on certain days of the week.

With the venue, equipment, tea and food in place a hotel / restaurant has everything that’s needed to offer a great tea experience. However, it is quite possible that they might not think of this as a practical activity to spend any of their efforts on. And that’s where a tea expert comes in.  I, as a Tea Artist and consultant, can show you tricks and tips to not just create a better tea experience but to create a highly sought after and profitable one too.

Another issue that might stop hotels/restaurants to seriously consider taking up tea as a viable business opportunity is perhaps, the most important one. It’s quite possible that the F&B crew members are rather intimidated by the unfamiliarity and complexity of tea as a beverage.  One big challenge is that excellent tea service requires training and there aren’t many tea educators or trainers available to understand the nuances of F&B requirements. At Tea With Susmita, we take care of that aspect as well. We not only provide extensive hands-on training but also create for you SOPs that are easily implemented by the next line of crews in case of attrition or promotion.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. It is also one of the most luxurious beverage (the right and fine ones) that one can think of. Let’s work in creating an experience for your consumers, guests and patrons that they can cherish for a long long time.

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