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Tea Tourism or Indian Tea Trail as I call it, is not just about travelling to a tea garden, visiting a factory and doing some tea tasting. Indian Tea Trail is more of an exploration of senses through experiences that, perhaps, has the potential to change your life…

As I embarked on my journey to find and understand the finest tea that the world knows and loves – Darjeeling, little did I know that this will be a never-ending love story in my life….


  • Indian Breakfast Tea
  • Celebration Tea
  • Rose Tea
  • Romance Tea
  • Kashmiri Kahwa

Tea Tourism


John Worsley, 1963


Nikolai Konstantinow


10000 years old Rock Painting

Tea Consulting

Tea with Susmita offers creative and strategic solutions from designing and establishing brand names to creating new tea blend recipes to designing tea and paired menu. Tea With Susmita also offers advisory services to startup tea businesses.

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Tea Art

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