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My father is a tea connoisseur and so I grew up drinking the finest Indian tea.

I remember going tea shopping with him in Calcutta as a kid and it was a big ritual. The shops used to have large wooden boxes with various teas coming from Darjeeling and Assam and my father will ask, “ Dada, what’s the finest you got this time? Make me a blend.” The Dada, i.e. the tea shop owner would then dig his steel ladle into the tea boxes and scoop up a few grams from here and mix it with few grams from there all the while sniffing the tea and nodding his head in satisfaction (or not). A good 10 minutes later a customized tea blend would be ready for us – perfect as per my father’s taste – little heavy on body and extremely aromatic over all – a rightly mixed Assam and Darjeeling tea. Those were my first live lessons on tea and tea blends.


  • Indian Breakfast Tea
  • Celebration Tea
  • Rose Tea
  • Romance Tea
  • Kashmiri Kahwa

Tea Tourism


John Worsley, 1963


Nikolai Konstantinow


10000 years old Rock Painting

Tea Consulting

Tea with Susmita offers creative and strategic solutions from designing and establishing brand names to creating new tea blend recipes to designing tea and paired menu. Tea With Susmita also offers advisory services to startup tea businesses.

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