Tea by Susmita

Tea Blends by Susmita

Indian Breakfast tea :

A heavy bodied, aromatic tea blend of three distinctive Teas of India to give you the perfect morning experience.

Romance Tea :

A blend of two green teas along with jasmine flowers to keep the romance intact in your life.

Celebration Tea :

Who needs Champagne when you have this Celebration Tea! A blend of aromatic black orthodox / whole leaf tea with rose petals, pistachio and two secret ingredients to make your evenings a time for celebration every day.

Rose Tea :

Rose petals, saffron and a secret ingredient for a surreal experience of aroma, flavour and exoticity – get high on life tea.

Tea by Susmita

Other Tea & herbal teas

  • Darjeeling Spring / First Flush
  • Darjeeling Summer / Second Flush
  • Darjeeling Autumn / Third Flush
    • Darjeeling White
    • Darjeeling Green
    • Darjeeling Oolong
    • Darjeeling Black
  • Sikkim Temi Tea ( All Flush)
    • White
    • Green
    • Oolong
    • Black
  • Nilgiri White
  • Nilgiri Oolong
  • Kangra Oolong
  • Blue Tea

Now the Caramel Custard in your Cup. Experience the richness of TWS' Signature Dessert Tea as you turn your evening into a memorable one.

Remember the Canadian Mars Chocolates' Bounty bar ? A coconut filled Chocolate-enrobed candy bar? Well, now you get that in your cuppa. Deliciously addictive and immensely loveable. Who says you can't relive your childhood?

Take cold or hot, this Dessert cake, along with the entire series, has literally blown tea lovers' mind! Try it now.

The Second in the Dessert Tea Selection. Imagine Red Velvet in a cup. Eat it? Drink it? Slurp it? Leaving that to you ☺️