8 Reasons Why ‘Tea’ Should Be Your New Career Choice

Globally, the tea market was valued at nearly 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is expected to rise to over 73 billion dollars by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 5.7%.

In India, Tea is the most valued in the beverage market at about INR 180 billion and is expected to grow steadily.

The primary variable driving tea market growth is demand, which positively correlates with socio-economic factors such as income, education, and cultural background. In 2016, ready-to-drink teas surpassed sodas and other soft beverages in consumption for the first time, and markets for other popular health-conscious tea products such as matcha and kombucha continue to grow.

Global Tea Market Drivers:

  • A rise in the disposable incomes of consumers has enabled the tea manufacturers to introduce premium and health-oriented products. A a shift towards the consumption of organic tea acts as an emerging trend which is having a positive impact on the growth of the tea market.
  • Another major factor driving the growth of tea is its strong consumer acceptance, representing the world’s most consumed beverage after water.
  • Over the past few years, the out-of-home market for tea has been expanding where various tea lounges have been opening across the globe offering a variety of handpicked teas from different regions.
  • Many new tea brands have entered the market globally at different price points offering a combination of teas, herbal teas and tisanes.
  • Consumers’ acceptance for tea as a premium drink comparable only, perhaps with wine, is an emerging trend in most parts of Europe.

Keeping these in mind, how many Tea Tasters, Tea Appreciators and Tea Masters do you think the Tea Industry will need soon? The answer is unimaginatively high. So, this is the right time to equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise on tea and embark on a very lucrative, high-flying, fashionable career. And that “age is truly not a bar” in this profession, makes it immensely attractive.

So, here are the Eight Reasons, why you must take up Tea as your new / next career opportunity:

  1. You can become a Tea Consultant
  2. You can become a Tea Trainer 
  3. You can work with hotels / tea rooms which serves good/fine/luxury teas
  4. You can become a Certified Tea Appreciator (none at this time in India)
  5. You can work with Tea companies – Indian and International. There are many.
  6. You can consult with international tea companies who don’t know much about Indian Tea
  7. You can be a Tea Influencer
  8. You can open your own tea room

The question now remains, how much money do you want to earn? 🙂

India is soon going to offer its first Indian Tea Appreciation Certificate Program. It’s going to be a 5 day fully residential program conducted at Darjeeling Tea Research and Development Centre (DTR&DC), a Tea Board India Institue. To apply, please write to itsourcuppatea@gmail.com

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