“Love at first sip” – the story of her cuppa

“I was a coffee drinker all my love until I came to Smart iDeAS! Then something happened – an interesting and unexpected change that turned me into a tea lover. How I still remember the fights I used to have with my mom for fixing me tea instead of coffee as she was a tea drinker!

Would you believe if I say, there is a close relation between my  acquired love for tea and my career?  As part of my interview at Smart iDeAS, I was asked to write an essay with three key words : tea, bliss and premium . Since I was a coffee drinker it was a challenge for me to write about tea. But tea didn’t cheat me, I got through the interview and, perhaps, my interest in tea began from there.  Once I got placed, I got to know that Susmita is also a tea lover;  and then  I got the opportunity to work for  a premium tea brand from London, as part of my assignment.  Rest, as they say, is history!

When I started researching on tea, I realised tea is a vast and huge subject and I had not even tasted a real tea!

One afternoon, when we quickly finished our work, Susmita took me to a tea lounge nearby and asked me to order any tea that I would like to try. There everything was new to me and with lot of curiosity I ordered Vanilla Oolong tea. That was the moment I realised that tea is the most beautiful and romantic drink comparable only to wine may be. I fell in love with tea at that moment.  After that every evening that I spent with Susmita at her house, she made me some real tea which she calls her “own recipe”.  “— Pearl, Born in Kerala, raised on coffee.

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