Growing up in a Bengali family in Kolkata allowed me to get access to the world of tea at a very early age. My father is a tea lover and I occasionally used to visit the tea stores in various parts of Kolkata in search of the perfect blend, along with him.

Over the last four years, this love for tea has enabled me to start my tea group in Bangalore called Its Our Cuppa Tea. With more than 1200 members in the group, it is one of the largest tea appreciation groups in Bangalore.

The objective of the group is to spread awareness about Indian Tea that comes from various parts of the country, learn about the tea basics, make it a part of a healthy lifestyle and celebrate it as a fascinating drink only to be compared with the best wines from across the globe. As the Group owner and a Tea Appreciator, I have been conducting regular tea appreciating and pairing workshops for the last 3 years. My passion for tea, takes me all across the country to some of the best tea brands as well the estates – from Nilgiris to Darjeeling. I am now working with some of the smaller tea plantation owners of Nilgiris to help them market their tea and bring out some of their specialty tea into the market. I also do regular tea tastings when a new tea is launched into the market.

Few media coverage of our tea group’s activities:

Bangalore Mirror:

Economic Times:

Deccan Chronicle :

Bangalore Mirror:

I shall be very happy to conduct a tea workshop for you, your company or for your friends. You can reach me at

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