I very often get asked these questions:

Is tea really good for health?

What are the health benefits of tea?

Which of the teas I should drink to improve my health?

The answer to these questions is very simple :

Tea is NOT a medicine and therefore it should not be looked at only from a health perspective. Speciality teas are like wines; and some of the speciality tea are more expensive than wine or champagne (yes such tea come from India). Therefore speciality tea are for celebrations, snob values, prestige values as well as for lifestyle enhancement or style statements. Tea is such an interesting beverage that even if you drink one kind of tea every day of your life, you will still not have drank all the possible teas available in the world. And tea is also about experience and exploration.

tea and health

To sum up tea is a philosophy  – you study that philosophy,  immerse yourself into it, get the good things out of it and enrich your life. Tea is not a paracetamol to help you reduce your fever but it is a soothing drink to help you sleep peacefully when you have temperature and make you feel better when you wake up. No other beverage in the world can be compared with the versatility of tea. So let us enjoy it for all the things that it offers to us –  after all, you don’t drink wine because it’s good for your health (they say red wine is good for your heart).

A fine tea is like a good romance. You will never get enough of it. Enjoy Life!

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